Arts & Sciences

Arts & Sciences

Academics of Arts & Sciences

The Arts and Sciences have been the foundation of college education for centuries, and are more important and useful today than ever before.

Rather than a narrow program with a single focus, Arts and Sciences education includes lots of possible subjects and areas of study. You can explore and study the arts, humanities, “basic” sciences, humanities, liberal arts, social sciences. You’ll be exposed to the ideas and cultures of people from across Iowa to around the world, from ancient times to today. And you can combine your interests and talents into an education unique to you.



Month Activities Department In Charge
FEBRUARY National Arts Month Humanities
National Down Syndrome Consciousness Month Psychology
MARCH Women’s Role in History Month History
Psychology Week Psychology
Social Work Week Social Work
APRIL Month of Planet Earth Science
CAS Research Potpourri College of Arts and Sciences
National Literature Month Humanities
MAY Anti-Graft and Corruption Awareness Month Public Administration
National Heritage Month History, Arts and Humanities
JULY National Disaster Consciousness Month Public Administration and Social Work
AUGUST Buwan ng Wikang Pambansa Filipino, Languages
SEPTEMBER History Month History
Role of Law Month Public Administration
Civil Service Month Public Administration
Public Administration Week Public Administration
NOVEMBER Music and Theater Festival Month Humanities


Psychology Laboratory

Science Laboratory

Physics Laboratory