TCU Directors

Mr. Aljie Keemper L. Dacusin, MPA, JD.

Director, Career Development and Placement Office, Concurrent Administrative Officer

Ms. Lea Yabut

Director, Human Resources Management Office

Ms. Camille Averilla

Director, Alumni Relations and Extension

Mr. Benjamin B. Aguenza

Director, Quality Assurance Office

Mr. Dionico O. Jurada Jr.

Director, Monitoring Services Unit

Engr. Ferdinand E. Rubio

Director, Management Information System

Dr. Victoriano C. Dauag

Director, National Service Training Program

Mr. Mark Vincent S. Manlangit

Director, Athletics

Mr. Jefferson Marcelo

Director, Research and Extension

Ms. Joeceleehn G. Alcoran

Director, Guidance and Testing Center

Ms. Maria Solidad B. Flores

Director, Budget and Finance

Ms. Monalisa De Leon

OIC Director, Culture and Arts