Master in Criminal Justice

Graduate Program

Master of Science in Criminal Justice

Criminal Justice

Criminal justice is a broad term that covers the laws used to define and prosecute crimes and those institutions established to maintain social order, prevent crime, and administer justice. Programs may include courses such as criminology, legal issues, international criminal justice, forensics, human rights, and more.

The benefits of completing an MSc in Criminal Justice program involve access to better paying jobs and an edge when it comes to competing for preferred jobs. However, the benefits of completion extend beyond financial gain. Graduates often develop a better understanding of the complexities that face modern society. As they gain this understanding, graduates are prepared to work in this field with both compassion and fairness.
The job opportunities that follow completion of the MSc in Criminal Justice spread across the legal and criminal justice spectrum. Positions might include those of lawyer, judge, or policy official. Some graduates become criminologists, politicians, or international policy makers. Graduates from the master’s program might choose to work in the field of economic crime management or as human rights advocates.


Course Curriculum

Subject Code Description Units
FCJ 201 Methods of Criminal Research 3
FCJ 202 Statistics in Criminal Justice & Criminology 3
FCJ 203 Foundations in Criminology 3
FCJ 204 Transnational Crimes and Terrorism 3
Subject Code Description Units
MCJ 205 Economic Crimes 3
MCJ 206 Crisis Intervention Management 3
MCJ 207 Juvenile Justice and Delinquency 3
MCJ 208 Victimology 3
MCJ 209 Modern Penology 3
MCJ 210 Science of Criminalistics
Subject Code Description Units
CCJ 211 Problems in Criminal Law / Procedure and Evidence 3
CCJ 212 Special Penal Laws in the Philippines 3
CCJ 213 The Psychology of Crimes 3
CCJ 214 Deviant Behavior 3
CCJ 215 Domestic Violence 3
CCJ 216 Administration of Justice 3
CCJ 217 Communication Skills for Criminal / Justice Administration 3
Subject Code Description Units
TCJ 218 Thesis Writing (seminar) 1 3
TCJ 219 Thesis Writing 2 6