Master in Public Administration

Graduate Program

Master in Public Administration

Public Administration

The MPA program focuses on the practice of public administration at the local, national and supranational levels; providing advanced training in the field of public policy as well as public management. It provides a comprehensive background for those in careers in government agencies, non-government organizations, management in hospitals, consulting in private firms, school brands and human relations.

Students who wish to pursue a Master of Public Administration should have an undergraduate degree in the administration field. However, students who do not hold an undergraduate program in those fields but still wish to pursue the program are encouraged to take at least 18 units of courses in the relevant fields. Some universities and colleges do consider relevant work experience in lieu of relevant academic background.


Course Curriculum

Subject Code Description Units
FPA 201 Methodology of Research 3
FPA 202 Statistics in Public Management 3
FPA 203 Management Theory and Policy 3
FPA 204 Seminars in Public Policy Case Analysis 3
Subject Code Description Units
MPA 205 Financial Management and Policy 3
MPA 206 Ethics in Government Service 3
MPA 207 Local Government Administration 3
MPA 208 Human Resource Management and Labor Law 3
MPA 209 Public Administration and Public Relations 3
MPA 210 Issues and Trends in Public Governance
Subject Code Description Units
CPA 211 PComparative Administration 3
CPA 212 Competitive Global Management 3
CPA 213 Strategies of Management in Public Governance 3
Subject Code Description Units
PPS 214 Thesis Seminar 3
PPS 215 Thesis Writing 6